Cochise County Trail Rides

Blue Sky Ranches also offers hourly day rides in and around Cochise County Arizona. Whether you are and experienced rider or riding for the first time, Blue Sky Ranches has the perfect horse for you. The Blue Sky Ranch herd consists of both quarter horses and gaited Tennessee Walkers for the best possible trail rides. We ride in some of the most beautiful areas in Arizona and we know that you will have a wonderful time. Give us a call and we would love to set up a ride for you. 818-726-5430 -Bucky 520-254-2620-Andrea. Reservations required at this location.



Cottonwood Canyon

We offer 1 to 4 hour rides in beautiful Cottonwood Canyon. Nestled in the Chiricahua mountains, Cottonwood Canyon offers amazing scenery and trails for all riding levels. Come ride amongst the oak trees to see the WPA dam for a four hour ride, or join us for a shorter ride and enjoy the scenery of the high desert.

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Cochise Stronghold

Located in the Dragoon Mountains, the Cochise Stronghold was home to the famous Cochise and the Apache people who spent generations living amongst the granite domes and sheer cliffs. We offer all day rides in this magnificent area (2 person minimum).

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Council Rock; Tombstone, Arizona

Just outside of Tombstone, Arizona, “The Town Too Tough Too Die” lies the Dragoon Mountains. Come take an all day ride with us to see Indian petrogliffs and Council Rock, where Cochise and his people lived and found refuge from the Calvary. This once in a lifetime ride has a four person minimum.

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Turkey Creek Fire Tower

Join us on an all day ride traveling high into the scenic Chiricahua Mountains. Let your four legged partner traverse you through oak forests and into higher pine forests for breathtaking vistas. Come join us in this area steeped in history and legend.

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Fort Bowie

Follow the historic Butterfield Stage trail, past Apache Spring and into Fort Bowie. Take a lunch break amongst the remains of a once vibrant fort used by the Calvary during the beginning days of the settlement of the west.



Chiricahua National Monument

Come visit the spectacular “Sky Islands” in the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains. Created by violent volcanic eruptions 27 million years ago the “wonderland of rocks” is a truly unique area unlike any other.

Rides are available 7 days a week in and around Cochise County Arizona. Call for reservations and info.